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Professional Medical Billing Service​

Mental Health Billing is our specialty 


About Us

My name is Sarah Romano. As an independent licensed​ psychotherapist, I have been processing the billing requirements of my own private practice for over 7  years.

My team of billing specialists and I have an extensive background in mental health related billable services.


WMMB'S Mission

As an owner of a Private Practice I aspire to provide the best relationships with my patients and provide the most meaningful care. This is why people become health care providers in the first place, Right?

Therefore; I chose to focus on independent practices, because I believe in what you do. I would like to help other Private Practices accomplish their life’s work through better resource management.

At Western Mass Medical Billing, we feel that the right outsourcing partnership can allow you to better focus on what’s most important to you.  We will create a unique platform for your specific needs. 

Give me the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits of streamlining your billing services with WMMB

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