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What we do:

List of Services:

  •  Electronic Claims & Remittance (ERAs)
  •  Code Scrubbing for government and commercial payers
  •  API Access
  •  Customizable Patient & Practice Scheduling
  •  Insurance Eligibility
  •  Custom Encounter Forms
  •  Phone, Email and Text Appointment Reminders
  •  Claims Processing, Claims Scrubbing and Claims Tracking.
  •  Auto Generated Timely Filling Reports.
  •  Financial Analytics and Reporting tools
  •  Rejection, Denial and No Response Claim Management
  •  Credit Card Processing
  •  Patient Statements
  •  Secure internal messaging
  •  Integrated Clearinghouse- Trizetto and Jopari
  • Patient Management

We are HIPAA Compliant and Fully Insured



We start our customers at 5%..

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